Didi Dialogue – 60: Mourning a Dove

Didi Dialogue – 60: Mourning a Dove

G: Kulfi, are you crying?
D: I don’t know. For some reason my eyes are wet.
G: What’s the matter?
D: Do you remember Aristotle?
G: The philosopher, Plato’s student?
D: No, Aristotle, my cat friend.
G: Oh, yeah. I remember him.
D: I interrupted him while he was…killing a bird.
G: Oh, I’m sorry.
D: I chased him away from the bird.
G: That was a kind thing you did.
D: Was it?
G: Sure, otherwise he would have killed the bird.
D: But to Aristotle, it was just lunch.
G: Well, that’s true, but…
D: The bird was hurt. I put him in a safe place.
G: Is he OK?
D: No. That’s why my eyes are wet. He died.
G: I’m sorry buddy.
D: I think I did the wrong thing.
G: Wrong thing? Why?
D: Aristotle wasn’t being mean.
G: No.
D: And now it seems the bird died for no reason.
G: Kulfi, your heart was in the right place.
D: It was a Mourning Dove.
G: Umm, your favorite.
D: They mate for life, you know. I love their calls.
G: Let’s you, and I go for a walk. The park near here is filled with birds.
D: Can we bring some bread crumbs?
G: Boxes of ‘em. As many as you want.


“Courtship Dance of the Mourning Doves” – https://youtu.be/ifLq66WDpJo

GB Poetry: http://classicalpoets.org/in-fall-i-set-a-stone-by-gershon-ben-avraham/

Photo, “Mourning Doves Cooing Backyard Birds” by bobistraveling via Wikimedia Commons

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