Didi Dialogue – 54: It’s Alive!

Didi Dialogue – 54: It’s Alive!

D: Would it be OK if I slept in your room tonight?
G: Sure, buddy. Not in the bed, though. Upsets “She Who Must Be Obeyed.”
D: Yeah. I got it. The rug’s fine.
G: What’s the matter?
D: I just finished Frankenstein. It’s got me a little spooked.
G: Spooked? Wait a minute. You’re the watchdog.
D: Don’t make this harder than it already is.
G: Sorry. Frankenstein, huh? Which one?
D: Third edition, 1831.
G: Wow, I didn’t even know they had movies then.
D: Movies?
G: My favorite is the 1931 Karloff version.
D: I’m talking about the book.
G: I also like the 1948 one–Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.
D: Oy veh! Are you listening? I’m talking about the book by Mary Shelley.
G: Oh, sorry.
D: It is the quintessential Romantic Gothic novel.
G: Could have fooled me.
D: Some people say it’s the first actual science fiction novel.
G: You’re just a bundle of knowledge there little fur ball.
D: Can we leave the lights on?
G: Oh, man. I can’t sleep with the lights on.
D: Here, you can use my travel and sleep mask, deluxe version.
G: This looks pretty good. Hey, there’s also some ear plugs.
D: I’ll need those.
G: You’ll need ‘em. Why?
D: You ever heard yourself snore?
G: No. I can’t say that I have.
D: It’s like working in the woods on a logging crew. Big logging crew. Huge.
G: Kulfi, that’s…
D: Besides they won’t fit you. They’re special order—collie size.


Frankenstein Official Trailer #1 – (1931) HD: https://youtu.be/BN8K-4osNb0

Frankenstein, plate from page 7 of Frankenstein, 1922, published by Cornhill Publishing Company: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Frankenstein,_pg_7.jpg


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