Didi Dialogue – 51: Routine Love

Didi Dialogue – 51: Routine Love

D: I’m glad the holidays are over.
G: Why, buddy? Holidays are fun.
D: Says the exhausted man whose Sukkah is still up.
G: Don’t worry; it’s coming down before Hanukkah.
D: The holidays messed up my walking schedule…
G: True, that was a bit of a problem.
D: …and my grooming schedule…
G: Hmmm, also true. You did get a little raggedy.
D: …and my official watch-dog duty obligations were shot.
G: What? How?
D: So many people over, I didn’t know who to bark at.
G: Well, no need to bark, really, they all loved you.
D: What’s not to love?
G: You know what, a little humility wouldn’t hurt you?
D: Says the pot, calling the kettle black.
G: I’ll ignore that. Anyway, your routine is back.
D: Good. And it has all the variety I need.
G: You don’t think it’s a little boring?
D: Do you have any idea how many places there are to sniff in this area?
G: I think my answer to that is ‘no.’
D: Not to mention the cacophony of sounds in this neighborhood.
G: Well, I never thought about that.
D: For me, taking a walk is like getting the daily news. Canine twitter.
G: I hope it’s better than what I’m reading.
D: It is. There is one place where more variety is needed, though.
G: Oh! Ok, where?
D: Snacks, we don’t have enough kinds of dog snacks in this house.
G: I should have known.


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Photo for this blog: Happiness is a warm puppy, by NIDHIN MUNDACKAL

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