Didi Dialogue – 50: RH Resolutions

Didi Dialogue – 50: RH Resolutions

D: Butch and I put our heads together.
G: Well, now you’ve got me worried.
D: And we’ve created a list of Rosh Hashana resolutions for you.
G: For me? Whoa! Wait a minute. I don’t make resolutions.
D: We understand that. You’ve always failed at it.
G: Criminy! Thanks for the vote of confidence.
D: Truth to power. But don’t worry. We have a plan.
G: I’m telling you. I don’t make resolutions.
D: You fail because of the way you eat popcorn.
G: What?
B: He’s right Mr. G.
G: You’re gonna need to explain that.
D: Instead of picking one or two pieces, you grab a handful, or two.
B: And so you spill a bunch. Which, I’m just saying, I don’t mind.
G: What, in heaven’s name, does this have to do with resolutions?
D: You try to grab too much; you get tuckered out; you give up.
B: We want you to try thinking small.
G: Small?
D: Yeah! Instead of cutting out pizza, eat it just once a day.
G: I don’t know; I’m not sure…
D: You can still eat pizza, just not every meal.
G: Well…what else have you got?
D: Instead of a book a month, trying reading 15 minutes, every day.
G: Oh, I see. I think I’m getting this.
D: Don’t try all the mitzvahs at once; learn one new one, every month.
G: OK, this kind of makes sense.
B: Instead of giving Didi one treat a week; give him one every day.
G: Hold on. Not so fast. What’s going on here?
D: It’s just an easy way for you to learn gratitude.
B: He’s right Mr. G. By the way—here’s your complete list.
D: Remember, take it step by little step. You’ll do fine.
G: Thanks.
D: Oh, and here’s my treats’ list.

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